all textures made by [RCG]Max Air.


most models by TRI, modified by [RCG]Max Air

Scratch models by [RCG]Max Air- chainsaw, all cave models, spider webs, elevator, elevator rails, bird nest, waterfall mist, waterfall rock, mine entrances, bats and spiral cavern.(please give me credit if scratch models are used in your track)

Waterfall model by Oops, fixed animation and model made 3d by [RCG]Max Air(give full credit to oops if you use in your track)

Cliff model 2 by Oops

Keg model by Toyotaman, textured by [RCG]Max Air

ghost, Balthazar, Max Air and Warrior models modified and animated from a monster model that was not given credit to in the track I got it from.

RCG tower built from the arizona water tower base.

Max Air's Wrangler and Jeep Commando props assembled by ~M.O.B.~Warrior

Script help:

script help and multiplayer mission script idea by Chachoze.


RTMAC Commando found in game in career under Jeep

Truck was built exclusively for the release of Return To Max Air's Cabin . Please do not upload this truck anywhere (unless your Max Air ...Hehe) . I never ask that , but this truck goes with the track . If you want to edit a Commando , use the stock one that I released . Most of this truck is scratch built (including the tires) by me .

Credits :

Rollbar : Lord Cap (modified)

Bushbar : Inky

Winch and Foglights : Tomb Raider Jeep

Fire Extinguisher : Yoda man (I think)

Cooler : From Vulture Canyon

Driver's Legs : From Bubba DOA's Redneck Wrecker

Axles : TRI (Evo2 MT)



Warrior driver made by TRI and [RCG]Max Air.

Beta Testers


Special Thanks

Max Air would like to thank: God, my family and friends, kid#2 for mac support, Warrior for helping me many times, Balthazar for the great team, paint and utilities, Oops for track making knowledge, 2stepper for helping me out in evo1,Raven for use of the tford forums for beta testing,the participants in the rtmac truck making contest(Tyler, Drifter, Racer Customz, crmemberjeff, boot in your face, Skyline, Tenderpaws, Shroom, 4x4Master & the beta tester contest judges!), for community support,Gateway & Mac for processing, Mountain Dew, PS2, pizza hut, cake and last but not least, Terminal Reality for making the awesome game!

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