Earlier that day...

Squaw woke me up this mourning when a package was delivered to the house. I decided to buy a Warn M12000 winch so I could take my rig rock crawling with Max in the Smokey Mountains.

I ate some breakfast and then headed out to the Native Customs garage to install my new toy.

After installing the winch, I tuned up the Commando so I could test my new hardware.

It's around a thirty minute drive to Max's place so I loaded up my gear and prepared for a full day of winch climbs. I told Squaw goodbye


"I'll see you later Squaw. I'll be back early because Max should be calling sometime today. It's been two years since he was here and I can't wait to go on some fun adventures like the good ol days!"

I set off on my journey and when I arrived in the Smokey Mountain range, I decided to try my winch on a set of rocks past the waterfall and across the big mud pit.

As I drove by the Parks and Wildlife Office, I noticed a man hanging out the window trying to wave me down.


"Hey! How's it going?"


"Pretty good. Just doing some offroadin. How about you?"


"I'm doing pretty good too though I'm kind of in a bind. There are some very valuable bald eagle eggs atop some rocky areas. Problem is that I need to retrieve them but don't have the necessary equiptment to get up there. I saw you had a winch so I thought I'd holler at you and see if you'd help me out!"


"Sure man, I was just on my way to try out my new winch anyway so I'd be happy to help you out!"

He then handed me a map and to my surprise, there was an egg marked near the old tower.


"Do you think you can get them in three hours? If so, meet back here behind the office at 2 o' clock."


"Yeah bro I bet I can easily do that in 3 hours! I'll meet you at 2 o'clock then."

I put up the map and went on my way.

Approximately 10 miles later, I arrived at the tower. I noticed Balthazar moved the team RCG office over hear. I guess I should talk to him after I finish collecting these eggs.

I looked up at the top of the jagged rocky cliff while shading my eyes from the blinding sunlight, I realized that this would be an almost verticle climb!

"I'm definently going to need this new wench!"

I'll need to use strategedy with my winch points to make the sharp angled edge

I made it up the cliff and retrieved the first egg!

After retrieving all 5 eggs, I returned about 30 late but the man was still waiting behind the office.


"Did you retrieve all five bird eggs?"


"Yeah bro I've got them right here! So are you the park ranger around here?"


"uh yeah that's right. We need to save the bald eagles because they are still an endangered species. Thanks alot pal!"


"ok, later bro!"

It was getting late so I headed back home to wait for Max's call.

Later that night, the phone rang.


"As I promised, I'm calling you to let you know I've arrived at the cabin." "I'm gonna call it a night but will be ready for some fun offroadin tomorrow!" "Just come on by the cabin and we'll head on out for some adventure."


"Ok Max. Sounds good!"