Wow, I've had some fun adventures in Loco County but the dry/ desolate trails are making me homesick.

After a six month hiatus, I've decided to return home to the Smokey Mountains. A stark contrast to Loco County, I have missed the rock crawls, mud, caves, optional multiple objective missions and beautiful scenery.

It's a long drive back to the mountains so I will be on the road for a month or two. I will contact you when I arrive at the be continued


As I returned to the Smokey Mountains, I was overwelmed by the overgrowth since I was last here. "this entire area was baren" I thought.

I set out for a full day of sight seeing before I returned to the cabin for a good night sleep.

After a few hours, I came across a new advertisement for Chug A Lug beer.

This jogged my memory as I went back in time to last summer.After recieving a call from Chug A Lug, I was hired to endorse their beer. I knew that it would be some kind of advertisement deal but didn't know that the ads would in up in my back yard.

I kept on driving the rest of the afternoon,
then recieved a call from Balthazar.


"Hey Max, it's about time you made it back home! I just moved the team rcg club office to an old area of the mountains."

"I've got some work to do to set up the office so call me later cause I made need some help!"

Max Air

"Ok bud, good to here you're getting along!"

I hung up the phone and kept driving.

That evening, I finally drove up to my desolate cabin on top of the hill and unpacked my things.

After I unpacked, I then called Warrior "As I promised, I'm calling you to let you know I've arrived at the cabin." "I'm gonna call it a night but will be ready for some fun offroadin tomorrow!" "Just come on by the cabin and we'll head on out for some adventure."


"Ok Max. Sounds good!"