Day 3

Balthazar called this mourning and was needing some help setting up the team office. Max had plans to fix the clutch on his Wrangler so he already had plans for the afternoon.

I decided to go ahead and see what Balth had going on over at the tower.

I made it up to the top of the tower where Balthazar was waiting for me.


"Hey bud, thanks for making it over so quick! I've been setting up the office for the past couple of days but now I'm gonna need some help. I think I accidentely packed some of Trubadurix's stuff so he should be here about any time."

"Since I've got to stick around and wait for him, I'm gonna need you to replace the 15 billboards around the area with RCG advertisements. If you can do this for me, I'll buy you a beer!"


"You don't have to say beer twice man. I'm on it! See you in a little while Balth."


*laughs* "Yeah man, I'll holler at you later!"

After I picked up the replacement ads, I headed out to change the signs.

After replacing all 15 signs, I headed back to the tower where Balthazar was waiting.

As I got out of the Jeep, Balthazar came over and shook my hand.


"Say man, I really appreciate you helping me out! I guess I owe you a drink don't I?"


"It doesn't matter man. I don't charge anything for helping a friend out. Besides, Chug~A~Lug flows like a fountain over at Max's place."


"LOL yeah! Say, I was out messing around earlier and found the entrances to the lower secion of Mine A. I was able to pull all of the rocks out of the way so you can go in. I'll warn you though, that place is haunted! I've seen them with my own eyes and didn't want to stay around."

"After the big collapse killed around a dozen miners, the Parks department closed down the mine. Ever since then, there have been rumors talking about spirits roaming the cold and dark mine shaft."
"There's two ways to get to the haunted mine. The first is the track mine near the base of the tower."

"The other way is to make the waterfall cave jump and keep following the path straight."

To Be Continued....