RTMAC Rewards

This is not the complete RTMAC package. A few of the mission rewards weren't ready yet so I went ahead and pulled them all except for one. There will be more to the reward files then the one that is packed in this download. Expect multiple reward files, development shots and more stories in early 2004. The reward included here will need a password to unlock which can be found after completing a mission.

Easter Keg

There's also an Easter Keg that's hidden in the track and in this instruction manual. The Easter Keg is worth cash and prizes. The secret will be revealed at the RTMAC forums on Easter day.

RTMAC Forums

Thanks to Team Ford and Team Jeep, RTMAC has it's own forums to visit. Here you'll find the RTMAC private beta room where we tested the track for 6+ months. It's in read only format but you might find some interesting conversations there.

There is also a room for RTMAC public chat. Secrets, info, multiplayer meeting times, pictures etc can be found here. You're welcome to join and hang around for awhile.

RTMAC Forums

RTMAC Truck Making Contest

We had an RTMAC truck making contest for the vales community. We had 9 entries but Tenderpaws didn't want his available to the public and 4x4Master's had an error. Tyler won first place, Drifter won 2nd and RCZ won Honerable Mention which is basically the equivilent to 2nd place. All vehicles can be downloaded here.

Tyler's Seminole
crmemberjeff's Bobcat
Drifter's K5 Tubeframe Blazer
Racer CustomZ Rubicon
Bootinyourface's RTMAC Buggy
Skylines Yota
Shroom's Chevy

Max Air's Cabin Story

A few months after the original Max Air's Cabin was released, Trip decided to make a full story for the community called On The Search For Max Air's Cabin. It was archieved by by bud Balthazar and is available for hiew here.

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin


RTMAC is fully functioning in multiplayer which means you and your friends can team up to complete missions. The problem is that playing with more people makes the frame rate drop significantly. Prepare ahead of time by adjusting settings for the best multiplayer framerates before going online.