You'll noticed that the files are locked in a zip called You'll need to read through this manual for the zip password.


We'll start off first with track installation. All rtmac expansion tracks will be podzipped so you'll need to install cabin.pod in your pod.ini file located in the 4x4 folder. It can also be installed like a regular track but the expansion tracks won't work. The track can be found listed as Return To Max Air's Cabin.

To install the Warrior driver.pod, open up your 4x4 folder and replace the driver file with the new one.

The jeep is installed like a normal custom in the pod.ini located in the 4x4 folder. The jeep can be purchased in career under Jeep for 10 dollars. The Jeep was built for stock use and you'll want to adjust your axel ration to 0 for the best performance.


RTMAC was designed for future hardware upgrades so it will be laggy on most low end computers. I have a low end system that barely runs the stock tracks and I still have found settings for a tollerable framerate. Try lowering view distances and reducing resolution at startup options.


The first thing you see when you play the track are the mode selection signs.

In multiplayer, the host of the session has all contol of mode selection.


This mode enables missions to be played in the track. Only one mission is allowed at a time so make sure and choose the right one.

Once a mission has been activated, follow the storyline to complete mission objectives.

Completing missions will unlock special trails that were previously undrivable. Complete the trails for a special message.

To activate a mission, you must first get to one of the mission hubs. The hubs are the colored circles you see on this map. Green,blue and yellow are regular mission mode missions and the white is the free roam winch mission hub.

The black lines seperate the map into four sections. Missions 1 and 2 use the max randomizer to randomize certain mission objectives into one of four locations in the game. There is one location in each of the 4 area grids but you'll need to explore the areas.

Mission 1

Mission 1 uses the randomizer for objective two. Once you recover the towrope from the open cave, all 4 webbed caves will be unlocked.
Mission 1 unlocks the cabin which gives access to the river jump, caves and rock trail.

Mission 2

Mission 2 also uses the randomizer on objective 1. Make sure and activate objectives by driving straight to the front of an objective object. If you don't get to an objective object from the front, the triggers may misfire. Also, the minecar trigger inside mine b is picky so make sure to drive toward the center of the elevator to activate the trigger.

You'll also notice that the entrance to the upper half of Mine A is blocked by a boulder. Since only one person can take the elevator from Mine B to Mine A, the person that takes the elevator will have to push the boulder out from the inside to let other players inside.

Mission 2 unlocks the upper half of mine a which is a minetrack maze. Navigate the tracks to make it to the office building.

Mission 3 does not use the max randomizer. Instead, you'll have to replace 15 signs located in hidden areas of the track. Once you have the 15 signs, drive back to the tower and drive through this sign to unlock your reward.

Make sure to replace signs by driving through the front side of the sign or the triggers won't activate.

Mission 3 unlocks the lower half of mine a which is the haunted mine. This also gives you access to the trail from the tower to the mine.

WARNING, you must be careful playing missions in multiplayer because the objective triggers can be messed up if you're too close to the objective object when activated. If you know where an objective is, stay atleast four car lengths away from that objective location until the other player triggers his objective.

drinking game

Activating driniking game mode will activate the driniking game signs all over the track as seen here.

Everytime you drive under a sign, drink up!


Hardcore mode puts more rocks in selected areas of the checkpoint trail for the hardcore rockcrawlers out there. This mode was tacked on last minute due to people's disappointment with rock difficulty in the main track. This means that I can't guarantee the quality of the rock placement especially since I'm not a hardcore crawler myself.

free roam

This mode activates the free roam winch mission which uses the white hub on the map. You'll also notice white lines on the map which indicate locations of the five eagle eggs. Use your winch to make it to the black dot which represents the egg. Once the eggs are retrieved, return to the hub for your reward.