The beggining and end of the Max Air Offroad Adventure

In the beggining...

It all started with the Sega Dreamcast game console. I preordered 4x4 Evolution 1 in anticipation for my first 3d offroad videogame experience. When I recieved the game, I couldn't decide if I should open the case or not due to poor reviews on the internet. Little did I know what was in store for me.

When I first started playing online before custom tracks were available, my first online friend Darth Vander and I invented a new game called "extreme offroad". The rules were that you could not drive on the dirt trails except to clear a checkpoint. For some reason, I just wasn't satisfied with an offroad game that played like a rally game. This ended up being more entertaining then the regular races so I was on my way.

After playing and enjoying the game for hours on end, I heard that there was a track editor just released for the PC. Since I didn't have a PC that would run the PC version of the game, I started tinkering with the pc version on my G3 Mac with Virtual PC software.I also couldn't place textures in virtual pc and rally with 4x4's didn't satisfy my need for offroad, I decided to make a "hardcore offroad" track instead.

I couldn't place textures in virtual pc and rally with 4x4's didn't satisfy my need for offroad, I decided to make a "hardcore offroad" track instead.

Since I didn't have the mac version of evo1 and only got 1 fps on virtual pc, I was building my first track, Max Air's Cabin, and had to test online with my dreamcast. If you're not aware, Dreamcast can only play lite tracks online so I needed sombody to help me test. From the beggining, a fellow Dreamcast owner, Nightmare, was there every night to help me out. A week or so into testing, Nightmare got a new pc and the pc version of evo1 while telling me how much better it was. Through the many betas to the final version, much to my surprise, Max Air's Cabin was a success!

Since Nightmare helped me out so much, I decided to name my next track Nightmare's Chopshop. Trying to be diverse with my creations, I decided to go for a baja approach and focused more on the side trail exploration which made Max Air's Cabin a success. Unfortunantely, my Mac HD crashed before I could finish the track. Strangely enough, this turned out to be a good thing! Nightmare had saved a backup copy and the track was released unfinished in beta form. Soon there after, some thief had taken Nightmare's Chopshop and made a trail ride out of the side trail I spent hours and hours on perfecting. Luckily he butchered the coolest part of the trail. It ended up being a high demand track with people clamouring for more. This is when I took credit and had the track pulled from atleast a dozen times.

After finally getting my Mac running again( password: unleashed), I decided to put off the completion of Nightmare's Chopshop to take advantage of the thief's success and set out to destroy people's excitement for his version. What then came is IMO, my best track so far, Chopshop Trails.

After another successful release, I forged ahead to complete Nightmare's Chopshop. As mentioned before, my HD crashing was a good thing because I decided to redo what I had so far due to the Nightmare's Chopshop experience was around 6 months old. The final product ended up being much better then the original thus ending my evo1 track run.

In the end, it comes full circle...

I finally ended up getting a pc that could run 4x4 Evolution 2 so I was excited to get started on my first project. Problem is that I didn't know what I should start with. Since a conversion of evo1's Max Air's Cabin has been in high demad, I decided to not only make a conversion, but also a sequal. My intent was to deliver my first pod track as a full hardcore offroad adventure along with using posed character models for the story element. What then came is now known as RTMAC.